Why Team-building is an Important Investment to Make

by Redwan Hamzah  •   January 08, 2020

The term “team-building” has become a part of business culture in recent times, with companies realising how essential these activities are in building skills like communication, planning, problem-solving and conflict resolution.

Corporate team-bonding activities are crucial towards establishing an organisational culture where people enjoy coming to work, collaborate easily and have trust in each other. Team-building is about understanding, appreciating and maximising the people in your team as you aim to achieve unified goals and objectives as a company. It will help your employees understand each other better, understand what diversity is and why it is important for them to work together. Read on for more reasons to organise a team-building activity for your team.


Team-building events create an opportunity for time to be structured in a way that spotlights the importance of teamwork, and the required ingredients behind the makings of a good team. This process of learning how to work together effectively helps create efficiency back in the workplace and also increases levels of understanding amongst team members on how to navigate each other’s strengths and weaknesses in everyday work challenges.


It goes without saying that good communication is essential for a team to be performing to its highest level. Team-building can help break down any present barriers to effective communication, and also be a masterclass in utilising both verbal and non-verbal forms of communication.


Every team needs leadership from all the members of the team at different times and to different degrees. With structured team-building activities, leadership qualities in individuals can be identified and highlighted, in addition to having moments where all members of staff can contribute as leaders.


Team-building events can help reinforce the idea of having fun in the workplace, and the kinds of significant results that can be achieved as a result of simply having fun day-to-day.


Creating a sense of looking out for each other, and that you can lean on each other in times of difficulty is an important quality to have in a team. Team building provides an opportunity for team members to learn more about each other in a fun and non-hierarchical environment.


Confidence is an important trait to have firmly established in team members as they take on new and challenging tasks both individually and as a team from day to day. Team-building activities can help cultivate this personality trait in an encouraging environment, in a holistic manner that is bound to translate to not just the workplace but everyday life.


In viewing team roles, it is evident that every single member on the team has a responsibility to fulfil. Perspectives on responsibility should be positively shared across the board, and team-building activities provide an excellent canvas to bring home two important points: providing opportunities to take up responsibility, as well as taking up responsibility itself are important contributors to a team’s success.


In a team-building event, there will be various activities and moments where participants get to learn more about each other: this could be anything from strengths and weaknesses to their biggest fears and challenges they face as individuals. Such levels of vulnerability will contribute to the deepening of relationships and trust amongst team members.


A team that is positive and enthusiastic to begin with will be better equipped to take on increasingly challenging problems head-on and come out at the end of it in one piece.  With that being said, team-building programmes can help identify possible barriers to positive team morale, and also potentially aid in the creation of strategies to increase positivity and fun in the workplace.


Respect between team members is important, but what should also be mentioned is the respect employees have for the company and the direction it is choosing to take at this juncture. Team-building events provide the perfect opportunity to create buy-in, as you will be able to communicate and deliver your vision and mission for the coming financial year in a fun and relaxed environment.


Team-building can contribute to your organisational culture, helping to reinforce your company’s values and mission in an interactive, uncontrived manner. They can help evolve current themes that you may be exploring in terms of work culture and ethics, or help to identify and troubleshoot barriers to increased productivity and sense of workplace joyousness that your team may be facing.


Team-building events can be structured in very specific ways, to achieve measurable results by the end of the programme. They can be used to develop new marketing strategies, instil confidence to usher in a new business year, and spread positive work values amongst your team members in the hope of establishing a healthy and efficient working environment.

If you’ve read to this point, it is evident that team-building is an important facet of building teams in this day and age. Team-building activities are vital to any organization at any point in its journey, and the benefits of going through such a programme will have far-reaching benefits for your company.

About Insyncsg

Here at Insyncsg, we run two corporate music team-building activities that can help you and your team achieve positive results by the end of each activity.


Write a song, build a team. Demystifying and systemising the art of songwriting, we help you and your team become songwriters of your very own theme song!

The whole activity takes place in a professional recording studio, where you will first write the lyrics that bring across your company message and ideals and eventually culminates in a full-on recording session where you will get to have an actual vocal recording experience!


This is a full-on rock-band experience! With no musical experience required, you and your team will learn to be bonafide rockstars playing up to two songs together as a band.

Guided by experienced facilitators and using modern instrumentation such as guitars, bass, drums, vocals and even keyboards, you and your team will be playing harmoniously using our time-proven system of learning music!

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