Top 5 Team Building Activities in Singapore

by Redwan Hamzah  •   October 16, 2019

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The goal of creating a solid, successful culture of teamwork in any organisation is common to all businesses. There is a need to establish trust among team members, which almost always begins with learning how to communicate effectively and developing an appreciation for each other’s strengths.

The term ‘team-building’ has become sort of a buzzword in recent times in Singapore, and rightly so. In terms of corporate development, team-building exercises are important not just for the immediate experience of the team, but also for the accompanying group skills, and heightened communication and bonding that result.

These team building activities are the means to an end: a high-impact learning experience that will empower individuals to contribute to common goals; taking employees out of the office and breaking down political and personal barriers in the process, eliminating distractions and enabling an environment for potential growth on a personal and group level.

With the benefits of team-building being so significant, many corporations now have team-building strategies built-in their training curriculum. Let us take a look at five highly interesting company team building activities in Singapore!

(Photo Credit: KF1 Karting)

KF1 Karting Circuit

The KF1 Karting Circuit, located at the Turf Club, will be the closest most of us will get to racing like professionals. This adrenaline-pumped activity will see your team being pit against each other in a race to the finish, all in a Grand Prix-like environment complete with viewing gallery and a pit lane! They even have F1-style lighting for night races.

They have an SMS-based system to track kart timings for that competitive-feel, and have taken safety wholly into consideration with TecPro barriers laid out across the entire racing track and safety marshalls positioned strategically to assist at any time. 

The event can be configured as such that two teams are able to race simultaneously! This is definitely a great corporate team building activity, especially for organisations looking for a suitable outdoor team building activity.

(Photo Credit: CulinaryOn)


Located right in the heart of CBD, CulinaryOn is a great activity for your team to engage in as they learn how to cook together!

With over 300 dishes and 30 theme-sets from all over the world to choose from, this activity can be organised in accordance to two main groups: National Cuisines, and Themed Parties. For example, you could choose ‘Night in Rome’, or ‘Bakery Class’ as the overall theme for your team-building event.

Each session will be hosted by an executive chef, a sous chef, an event master, a barman and even a professional photographer!

While your team will not be an instant chef after this one lesson, they will definitely be having fun interacting with one another as they learn the basics of cooking, and take home a better understanding of the teamwork required to dish out an exquisite meal! Consider this especially if you are looking for an indoor team building activity.

(Photo Credit: BubbleBump)

Bubble Bump Soccer

Bubble Bump Soccer is a unique spin on the world’s most popular game, with each player being inside a bubble from the knees up as they compete in a game of soccer. Players have to work as a team to move the ball up to the goal and score!

They have variations on the theme, such as Bubble Bump Invasion and Bubble Bump Zombie, where the rules are slightly different. The end result is pretty much uniform across these activities though: teams will get a better understanding of their teammates’ strengths and weaknesses, bringing about team-cohesion and strength-based profiling as they work towards a common goal that requires a high-level of team-coordination and communication.

With many locations across Singapore, as well as the ability to bring the activity to your organisation with the provision of a suitable venue and space, Bubble Bump Soccer will be a great activity for your next team-building session! Consider this when you’re thinking of team building ideas for your company.

(Photo Credit: DBS Marina Bay Sailing)

Marina Bay Corporate Sailing

Ever dreamt of sailing around Singapore’s CBD? That dream can become a reality with the Marina Bay Corporate Sailing programme run by The Singapore Sailing Federation!

While you and your team take in the views of the scenic skyline around Marina Bay Sands and the ArtScience Museum, there will be coaching on the real grit of sailing. Teams will be taught how to properly steer boats and rig sails, eventually culminating in an exciting team race across Marina Bay!

This activity is bound to heighten communication skills and collaborative energies within your team, all set against a beautiful backdrop of Singapore’s modern-day architecture.

Sailing is a sport that requires plenty of discipline, the kind that would definitely inform the making of a good team! This is one of the more unique team building activities, definitely consider it for your next team-building event.

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Create and record songs that will motivate and inspire your entire organization! And who better to write your company theme song with than your own employees?

This highly interactive and innovative team-building programme called ‘SongCreator’ is run by In-sync, a company that does education as well as company team building in Singapore through the use of music. SongCreator focuses on building a customised song that will reflect powerful takeaways: what differentiates your organisation? What are your important goals or mission? What is the essence of your message and company culture?

Through the guidance and expertise of highly-experienced music facilitators, you and your team will be practicing active collaboration and fostering creative problem-solving skills as each person finds their voice as part of a songwriting team. Watch as collaboration becomes transparent and idea-sharing the modus operandi in your team of songwriters!

In-sync also offers a ‘Rockout!’ programme, a stress-free and fun-filled music activity that will enable you and your team to play through up to two complete songs by the end of the team bonding session.

With no prior musical knowledge required, this programme involves all the various instruments associated with a contemporary band, ranging from keyboards, drums, bass, guitar and vocals. Collaborative and communicative skills will be heightened as you and your team work through playing each song successfully under the guidance of their experienced instructors!

Their instructors are highly-qualified and well-established as musicians and educators in the industry, and this coupled with their system of teaching is bound to bring forth the musical and personal success of you and your team as you begin your journey as bonafide rockstars!