Songwriting and Music Production Course


Songwriting and music production lessons available for students of all levels!

In this 12-week course, learn how to use music recording software in tandem with learning how to write a song. We will cover everything from recording software 101, MIDI programming, creating interesting chord progressions and beats, expanding on song arrangements through using synths and strings, lyric-writing strategies and more.

Prices start as low as $75 per lesson, and lessons are customised to your exacting musical needs.

Topics Covered:

  • DAW Software Fundamentals

  • MIDI Programming

  • Creating Beats and Drum Grooves

  • Constructing Chord Progressions

  • Vocal and Instruments Recording

  • Lyric-writing Strategies

  • Instrumentation and Arrangement

  • Specialty FX Plugins

  • Mixing 101

  • Releasing Music Online

Customised and personalised to fit your musical needs.

The outcomes, duration and content of this Songwriting and Music Production course will be tailored to you (based off an initial consultation session where we will discuss your musical goals).

Timings are flexible, and lessons are held at a beautiful music studio with state of the art equipment.

Music Production Samples


Course Breakdown

Each lesson will be 60 minutes in duration.

Songwriting and Music Production

from $75 per lesson

Song Arrangement

Melody Writing

Chord Construction

DAW Software Basics

Beat Creation

Loop Creation

Harmony Creation

Lyric-Writing Strategies

Vocal Recording

Instrument Recording

Mixing a Song

Releasing Music Online