Songwriting and music production lessons available for students of all levels! Learn how to use music recording software in tandem with learning how to write a song. Courses range from a condensed 4 lessons to a comprehensive 12 lessons, we will cover everything from recording 101 to how-tos on creating interesting chord progressions, lyric-writing strategies and more.

The outcomes, duration and content of this Songwriting and Music Production course will be tailored to you (based off an initial consultation session where we will discuss your musical goals). Timings are flexible, and so is the location – we can hold it either remotely or at a beautiful music studio in town. With lesson pricing as low as $68 per lesson.

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  • GarageBand Basics

  • Creating Interesting Chord Progressions

  • Constructing Beats and Loops

  • Recording Vocals and Instruments

  • Arranging a Song

  • Choosing Appropriate Instrumentation and Textures

  • Lyric-writing Strategies

  • Mixing a Song

  • Basic Mastering

Guitar lessons are now available for students of all levels! From beginner to advanced, let us help you in your guitar-playing journey and shape it in ways that you desire. 

Lesson plans will be customised to each individual student, with the option of taking on Rockschool examinations as well.

Here are some topics that will be covered over the course of your education with us:

  • Music Theory

  • Chord Construction

  • Harmony

  • Technique & Dexterity

  • Chordal Vocabulary

  • Relaxation Concepts

  • Rhythm & Groove

  • Various Styles of Music

  • Improvisation

  • Sight-reading

  • Songwriting

Whether it’s a funky bassline, a rocking riff or a jazz-tinged groove, the bass guitar is the cornerstone of every song. Discover the underlying relationships between harmony and groove through bass lessons with Insyncsg!

Lesson plans will be customised to each individual student, with the option of taking on Rockschool examinations as well.

Here are some topics that will be covered over the course of your education with us:

  • Bass Techniques (Plucking, Slapping)

  • Groove Development & Techniques

  • Music Theory

  • Chordal Vocabulary

  • Various Styles of Music

  • Writing Killer Basslines

  • Relaxation Concepts

  • Improvisation

  • Sight-reading

Drums give music drive and excitement, pushing and pulling each song to greater heights as they establish the groove and tempo. Sign up for drum lessons with Insyncsg and unleash the rhythm in you!

Lesson plans will be customised to each individual student, with the option of taking on Rockschool examinations as well.

Here are some topics that will be covered over the course of your education with us:

  • Proper Technique and Posture

  • Drum Stroke Techniques

  • Sight-reading

  • Various Rhythmic Styles

  • Progressive Exercises for Dexterity

  • Developing Drum Fills

  • Drum Rudiments to achieve Stylistic Mastery

  • Relaxation Concepts

  • Percussion & Cajon

Known as the brain in every band, the keyboard is unique in its ability to provide a harmonic and textural anchor to any musical situation. Learn the possibilities of this instrument when you sign up for keyboard lessons with Insyncsg!

Lesson plans will be customised to each individual student, with the option of taking on Rockschool examinations as well.

Here are some topics that will be covered over the course of your education with us:

  • Proper Technique and Posture

  • Pop Piano Styles

  • Sight-reading

  • Music Theory

  • Harmony

  • Accompaniment in Various Genres

  • Chord Construction

  • Chordal Vocabulary

  • Relaxation Concepts

  • Improvisation

  • Using Various Sounds

This is a three hour programme that will see participants playing in harmony as a band through two complete songs!

With no prior musical knowledge required, this programme can run for a capacity of 40 pax per session, and involves the various instruments employed in a contemporary band setting: drums, vocals, keyboards, bass and guitar.

Participants will be guided by experienced trainers throughout the session, initially in smaller groups then as one huge band when they come together to play through each song.

  • Learn New Musical and Life Skills

  • Develop the Language of Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Increase Self-Confidence through Overcoming Challenges

How It’s Done

We have developed a sure-fire way of teaching music to any level of learner – and it is through this system that will see participants be able to successfully traverse their musical journey. There will be sectionals where they will first learn, and then consequently rehearse in smaller units before coming together at the end to play as one huge band.

  • No Musical Background Required

  • Individualised Learning, followed by Sectional/Group Rehearsals

  • Constant Engagement for All Involved!

Self-Esteem Development
Life Skills


Participants will have played through two songs as a band – functioning in perfect harmony from start to finish. There will be an interactive discussion at the tail of this, where the instructors engage participants verbally on a number of topics such as the importance of listening and being listened to, and the challenges faced during the session and how they were overcome. Participants will leave with new skills that are directly transferable usable in everyday life.

This is an eight week music programme that has been developed with kids at risk in mind.

Over the duration of these eight weeks, the learners will discover more about themselves and each other as they pick up new instrumental skills and overcome challenges together as a band.

There will be heightened levels of self-reflection and discussion of learning points throughout, enhancing teacher-student relationships and fostering a safe environment imbued with feelings of guidance and support.

  • Uncover Strengths, Discover Passion

  • Increase Self-Confidence through Overcoming Challenges

  • Attain Tools to Succeed and Forge Positive Paths in Life

How It’s Done

Learners will be guided by highly experienced music instructors as they try out various instruments that range from drums to guitar through a number of different songs – with a rotational system employed to let them have ample time to explore and get to know the various instruments. They will learn five songs by the end of this course, with a final performance held in the last week. Music lessons that cover concepts such as time-feel and tone-production will be conducted to supplement their learning journey. They will also be taught showmanship skills around the art of performing, that touch on concepts such as stage presence and confidence.  A masterclass conducted in the fifth week by industry professionals will both inspire and encourage them to strive for greater heights.

  • No Musical Background Required

  • Combination of Group and Individualised Learning

  • Masterclass by Industry Professionals

Self-Esteem Development
Life Skills


Learners will have developed an ability to play various musical instruments and perform as a band through a varied repertoire of songs. A live performance will be held, showcasing their newfound skill-sets to a public audience. They will also have established a bedrock of communication skills and self-belief as they overcome challenges in a safe, fun and musical setting; creating a multi-dimensional template of quality adaptable skills applicable to both personal and professional challenges they may face in the future.

This is a thirty week programme that introduces students to playing music in a band – an activity that has been proven to enhance cognitive learning and facilitate growth in many areas of human development, i.e. motivation, social skills, time management, situational awareness and aesthetic appreciation.

Through this programme, core values such as listening skills, the importance of work-ethic and self-assessment, teamwork, and abilities to perform well under duress will be introduced and reinforced through various activities and performances.

  • Increase Instrumental Mastery

  • Gain Quality-Adaptable Skills
  • Solidify Listening, Leadership and Communication Skillsets

How It’s Done

Our flagship music programme involves a multitude of activities over the course of a year, from technique and stylistic lessons, music theory and sight-reading, improvisation and time-feel concepts, sound-engineering workshops, all the way to marketing and production skills required to put on a successful concert.  Learners will be going through fundamentals from a musical theory standpoint and understanding how it relates to their instrument, for example understanding how chords are derived from major scales, and applying scalar knowledge in improvisation. They will learn about tones and textures, and the various ways to achieve certain types of sounds that have been made famous through use in popular music.

There will be listening sessions held to introduce learners to music history both on a global and local scale to gain understanding and familiarity with the development and diversity of the music industry.  Masterclasses and workshops will be conducted by industry professionals, geared towards arming learners with knowledge around career options as well as to be a source of guidance and inspiration for them as they embark on their own journey.

  • Weekly Music Lessons
  • Masterclasses and Workshops by Industry Professionals

  • Introduction to Marketing and Branding
Self-esteem Development
Life Skills


Learners will have increased instrumental skill, having learnt a number of songs in various genres and being able to perform them to a high level as a band. They will be able to analyse, identify, define and differentiate between contrasting styles of music, and have acquired problem-solving and self-assessment skills through the learning and rehearsing of the different songs. They will also be introduced to marketing and branding concepts through organising their year-end concert, showcasing both their musical and organisational skills. They will be better-equipped with knowledge around possible career paths in the music industry, through information disseminated in various masterclasses and workshops.

Students will be learning the fundamental technicalities around the instrument such as open-position chords and strumming patterns, learning a repertoire of popular music in the process. They will also be learning about the major scale, and basic chord construction from a scale. They will be learning one position of the minor pentatonic scale, with which they will use to explore improvisation.

Students will be learning the fundamentals of Piano/Keyboard such as sight-reading, scales, chord-construction, common chord progressions,  and left and right-hand coordination. They will learn a repertoire of popular music as the weeks progress.

Students will be learning the fundamentals of drumming, such as rhythm construction, rhythm application, and developing coordination for application of rhythms. They will be learning how to interpret rhythmic notation, and be able to come up with their own rhythmic variations as the weeks progress.

Students will be learning the fundamentals of voice, such as breath control, aural awareness and pitch recognition, vocal placement for tonal quality, vocal exercises to expand range and expression, and stylistic techniques specific to different genres of music. They will also be introduced to microphone technique, and learn a repertoire of popular music as the weeks progress.

Redwan Hamzah is an educator, musician and composer with over twelve years of musical and teaching experience. He has played and recorded guitar for various artistes here (Sam Willows, Sezairi, Tim De Cotta) and composed music for dance productions (Dock 65, Sigma Contemporary Dance company), gracing stages all over the world in the process; ASEAN-IMF (India), StreetArt Fest (Cambodia), Laneway, SingJazz, Baybeats, Shine, Ignite!, Music Matters, Earth Hour.

His educational credentials include having a Diploma in Music Teaching (Level 6) and Grade 8 Guitar from Rockschool UK. He is also AMIS-certified, having taught in various schools and holding various positions over the years, which included a seven-year stint at Academy of Rock where he was part of the academic team, assisting them in developing syllabuses and training new teachers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How much will the private lessons cost?

A. Lessons are $250 / 4 lessons.

Q. How long is each lesson?

A. Each lesson is 50 minutes in duration.

Q. Where will lessons be held?

A. Lessons will be held at Tonehouse Studios, located in Parklane Mall (5 min walk from Dhoby Ghaut/Bencoolen MRT).

Q. What are your operating hours?

A. We hold lessons from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. If you require a time-slot beyond our operating hours, please contact us and we will sort you out!

Q. Do I need to bring any music instruments?

A. No you do not need to – we have instruments prepared at the studio. However, you are encouraged to bring your own instrument simply due to comfort and familiarity with it!

Q. What is required for the Songwriting & Music Production programme?

A. A functioning laptop that is running Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard) or higher.

Q. What musical syllabus do you use?

A. We use the Rockschool syllabus, which in our opinion is the best in contemporary music education.

If you have any other queries, please get in touch with us here. Start your musical journey with us today!

The In-sync team bonding experience we had was amazing. They really successfully facilitated our team, with majority of us not having prior music training, to play in a band and sound good! It is definitely worth a shot for those who are looking to have their team bonding done in a pleasantly unique manner.

Reuben Seah, Partner, TAT AXA

Good stuff! Very nice and patient people. The songs were easy to learn, and since it was easy, it wasn’t stressful, therefore fun haha. Makes me want to play in a band 🙂

Matthew Shin

My family and I were looking for something different to do on the weekends. We found In-sync and decided to give it a try. It was an amazing experience learning how to play instruments and even playing together as a band. Would definitely recommend this activity to my family and friends!

Chris Neo

I really had a great time learning “Thank You Next” by Ariana Grande. thank you In Sync SG for building my confidence with the bass and for the many laughs and memories along the way!

Joel Kim

Enjoyed our Let’s Jam Lah! session with In-sync. Highly recommended for anyone looking for leisure activity!

Rahil Rosli

Was having a short holiday in Singapore with my friends when we stumbled upon In-sync. We went for their band programme and had a lot of fun. Will go for it again on my next visit.

Mentari Ayi

Had my company team building event with Insyncsg last week and we had the most wonderful experience unleashing and discovering our lyrical and musical talents as one! Highly recommended for those looking for a brand new experience.

Lawrence Lim, General Manager, EIOS 99

A great learning experience at Insyncsg. Learning to play your favourite song has been made so much easier. An awesome way to spend the afternoon with your family and friends!

Webster Lim, MOE Educator

Attended Insyncsg’s songwriting session last weekend and really enjoyed it. Highly recommended for someone who like to experience writing a song in 1

Alicia Nadine Khoman

A really insightful lesson especially during this mundane of a routine this couple of weeks. Will definitely recommend to everyone! Thanks, Insyncsg!

Shafie Muhd

I signed up for Insyncsg’s e-song writing lesson and I would say it was very engaging and fun! The guided step by step lesson made it easy to create a
song by combining everyone’s piece! Very pleased with the end result! Did not even realise time was up and that’s a sign of how great the session was!

Harish Grewal

Had a wonderful experience at Insyncsg! Highly recommended for people who wants to learn something new and also enjoy themselves in the process.

Lam Li Wei

I had my first online lesson on songwriting. It was fun! The completed song is not bad at all hehe. I look forward to more interesting online lessons to my
liking. Good Job Reuel!!

Arnorzeeha Ahmad

An inspiring, thought-provoking, rejuvenating, and well planned online E-songwriting class that is sure worth your while! Great tempo and fantastic engagement level!☺ It is well catered to both the musically inclined, and those without any background in music!

A definite must-try & uplifting experience in this Stay Home period with
professionals who are dedicated and passionate about both Education & Music.
Looking forward to more online & live sessions!

Most importantly, they have a team of talented musicians who genuinely cares
for education and the music industry. Here’s a special shoutout to Khidir Rosli
who’s very thoughtful and helpful a professional! Super quick, creative and
efficient in both his work and in communication!

Stella Yap

My mum, husband and sisters had so much fun learning to play and perform a song as a band. I was amazed that we sounded so good although most of us have no music background! Ryann, Dale, Reuel and Khider made us feel so at ease, created a fun atmosphere and were so personable, we really enjoyed the experience. I will certainly be back for another session when our children are home for a visit. And thank you for the surprise where we could play and sign Happy Birthday at the end for my sis!


A great team of young people with passion to music and social responsibilities to “spread joy, hope and positivity”, just as they said.

No experience? no worries. The professional team will guide you
to undergo the whole music learning journey, comprising simple sight reading, song arrangement and even a memorable band rehearsal!
All of these happen literally in one hour, that you could then pick up an instrument and rock & roll!

My 8-year old daughter loved it! she’s nagging for the drum set ever since the event! It’s a great activity to build your self estimation on music sense, grow the confidence and strengthen personal networks, if you’re into it.
The vocal girl we met in the session, wah, she has such an unique singing voice! And the bass player, the cool guitar girl, the key board master, you guys rock!

Thanks for the opportunity to bring everyone together to make this “Leyna and her trouble makers” landed!

Music no frontier.
Music no boundaries.
Just simply enjoy it. Let’s Jam Lah!

Varina J

I attended the Insync gives back session. The Instructors were really friendly and they were very good at making sure everyone understood their parts!!! I didn’t expect 5 new strangers to be able to learn and perform a song without any experience in 1.5 hrs but we did! I’d definitely recommend insync to anyone who wants to start playing music but doesn’t know how or where to start 🙂

Nevin Rajen

Enjoy my experience! Never thought I could compose a song and play music without any music background. Had fun and interactive sessions. Highly recommended!

Gary Lim

I did a short songwriting course and it was wonderful!!! Highly recommended for anyone out there who wish to learn about songwriting. The Insync-ers were professional and shown me the process from the beginning to the end. It was stress-free and I had so much fun during the song production. Four thumbs up!!

Ina Fransiska

If you’re ever interested in music production even without any background like me, this is a great place to start!
learned a lot, I practically started from 0 to making a full song in 12 weeks!

Mark Francis De Guzman

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