Project Description

Summer Programme

a programme suitable for ages eight and up, with customisable learning objectives achieved through learning and performing music.


This is a holiday music programme that can be customised to achieve specific learning outcomes and develop useful and transferable skill-sets, all whilst having fun.

Through this programme, qualities such as heightened listening, importance of commitment and teamwork, and the ability to perform well in-front of an audience will be cultivated in learners as they pick up new instruments and navigate their way through various songs as a complete band.

  • Learn Instrumental Basics

  • Gain an Understanding of Teamwork

  • Increase Self-Confidence through Performance

How It’s Done

After establishing a curriculum for a set number of weeks, learners will undergo the process of picking up a new instrument and learning a repertoire of songs, first in their individual capacities and then coming together as a band.

They will gain knowledge around rhythms, timbres, the importance of listening as well as performance aesthetic, as they begin rehearsing these songs together in harmony, eventually culminating in a performance to showcase their newly gained skill-sets.

  • Customisable Learning Objectives

  • Experienced and Highly-Engaging Instructors

  • Flexible Programme Length

Self-esteem Development
Life Skills


Learners will have picked up brand new skill-sets, both around an instrument as well as adaptable soft-skills that they can bring with them in everyday life. They will have understood the importance of collaboration and working as a team; of having clarity in listening on three different levels – to themselves, to instruction, and to each other. They will also gain experience in public performance through the final performance, and develop confidence as they go through this journey of self-growth through music.

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