Project Description

CCA Programme

a longer programme, culminating in live performance and heightened instrumental knowledge.


This is a thirty week programme that introduces students to playing music in a band – an activity that has been proven to enhance cognitive learning and facilitate growth in many areas of human development, i.e. motivation, social skills, time management, situational awareness and aesthetic appreciation.

Through this programme, core values such as listening skills, the importance of work-ethic and self-assessment, teamwork, and abilities to perform well under duress will be introduced and reinforced through various activities and performances.

  • Increase Instrumental Mastery

  • Gain Quality-Adaptable Skills
  • Solidify Listening, Leadership and Communication Skillsets

How It’s Done

Our flagship music programme involves a multitude of activities over the course of a year, from technique and stylistic lessons, music theory and sight-reading, improvisation and time-feel concepts, sound-engineering workshops, all the way to marketing and production skills required to put on a successful concert.  Learners will be going through fundamentals from a musical theory standpoint and understanding how it relates to their instrument, for example understanding how chords are derived from major scales, and applying scalar knowledge in improvisation. They will learn about tones and textures, and the various ways to achieve certain types of sounds that have been made famous through use in popular music.

There will be listening sessions held to introduce learners to music history both on a global and local scale to gain understanding and familiarity with the development and diversity of the music industry.  Masterclasses and workshops will be conducted by industry professionals, geared towards arming learners with knowledge around career options as well as to be a source of guidance and inspiration for them as they embark on their own journey.

  • Weekly Music Lessons
  • Masterclasses and Workshops by Industry Professionals

  • Introduction to Marketing and Branding
Self-esteem Development
Life Skills


Learners will have increased instrumental skill, having learnt a number of songs in various genres and being able to perform them to a high level as a band. They will be able to analyse, identify, define and differentiate between contrasting styles of music, and have acquired problem-solving and self-assessment skills through the learning and rehearsing of the different songs. They will also be introduced to marketing and branding concepts through organising their year-end concert, showcasing both their musical and organisational skills. They will be better-equipped with knowledge around possible career paths in the music industry, through information disseminated in various masterclasses and workshops.

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