Project Description

8 Week Programme

designed for kids at risk, with no prior instrumental knowledge required.


This is an eight week music programme that has been developed with kids at risk in mind.

Over the duration of these eight weeks, the learners will discover more about themselves and each other as they pick up new instrumental skills and overcome challenges together as a band.

There will be heightened levels of self-reflection and discussion of learning points throughout, enhancing teacher-student relationships and fostering a safe environment imbued with feelings of guidance and support.

  • Uncover Strengths, Discover Passion

  • Increase Self-Confidence through Overcoming Challenges

  • Attain Tools to Succeed and Forge Positive Paths in Life

How It’s Done

Learners will be guided by highly experienced music instructors as they try out various instruments that range from drums to guitar through a number of different songs – with a rotational system employed to let them have ample time to explore and get to know the various instruments. They will learn five songs by the end of this course, with a final performance held in the last week. Music lessons that cover concepts such as time-feel and tone-production will be conducted to supplement their learning journey. They will also be taught showmanship skills around the art of performing, that touch on concepts such as stage presence and confidence.  A masterclass conducted in the fifth week by industry professionals will both inspire and encourage them to strive for greater heights.

  • No Musical Background Required

  • Combination of Group and Individualised Learning

  • Masterclass by Industry Professionals

Self-Esteem Development
Life Skills


Learners will have developed an ability to play various musical instruments and perform as a band through a varied repertoire of songs. A live performance will be held, showcasing their newfound skill-sets to a public audience. They will also have established a bedrock of communication skills and self-belief as they overcome challenges in a safe, fun and musical setting; creating a multi-dimensional template of quality adaptable skills applicable to both personal and professional challenges they may face in the future.

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