Project Description

1 Day Programme

a three hour music filled event; no prior instrumental knowledge required.


This is a three hour programme that will see participants playing in harmony as a band through two complete songs!

With no prior musical knowledge required, this programme can run for a capacity of 40 pax per session, and involves the various instruments employed in a contemporary band setting: drums, vocals, keyboards, bass and guitar.

Participants will be guided by experienced trainers throughout the session, initially in smaller groups then as one huge band when they come together to play through each song.

  • Learn New Musical and Life Skills

  • Develop the Language of Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Increase Self-Confidence through Overcoming Challenges

How It’s Done

We have developed a sure-fire way of teaching music to any level of learner – and it is through this system that will see participants be able to successfully traverse their musical journey. There will be sectionals where they will first learn, and then consequently rehearse in smaller units before coming together at the end to play as one huge band.

  • No Musical Background Required

  • Individualised Learning, followed by Sectional/Group Rehearsals

  • Constant Engagement for All Involved!

Self-Esteem Development
Life Skills


Participants will have played through two songs as a band – functioning in perfect harmony from start to finish. There will be an interactive discussion at the tail of this, where the instructors engage participants verbally on a number of topics such as the importance of listening and being listened to, and the challenges faced during the session and how they were overcome. Participants will leave with new skills that are directly transferable usable in everyday life.

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