1 Day Programme


1 Day Programme a three hour music filled event; no prior instrumental knowledge required. Brief This is a three hour programme that will see participants playing in harmony as a band through two complete songs! With no prior musical knowledge required, this programme can [...]

Summer Programme


Summer Programme a programme suitable for ages eight and up, with customisable learning objectives achieved through learning and performing music. Brief This is a holiday music programme that can be customised to achieve specific learning outcomes and develop useful and transferable skill-sets, all whilst having [...]

8 Week Programme


8 Week Programme designed for kids at risk, with no prior instrumental knowledge required. Brief This is an eight week music programme that has been developed with kids at risk in mind. Over the duration of these eight weeks, the learners will discover more about [...]

CCA Programme


CCA Programme a longer programme, culminating in live performance and heightened instrumental knowledge. Brief This is a thirty week programme that introduces students to playing music in a band - an activity that has been proven to enhance cognitive learning and facilitate growth in [...]