At Insyncsg, we design our programmes using proven methods and research, coupled with feedback from both veteran educators and our clients to ensure the highest level of education and delivery.

We believe in the value of inculcating life skills such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and responsible decision-making in our curriculum design, and have various methods in place to facilitate the development of such skill-sets to varying degrees through our programmes.

With the fast pace of globalisation in this region and beyond, we remain aware of and are sensitive to the need for modern 21st century skills such as civic literacy, critical and inventive thinking, and communication and collaboration. Programmes are designed with these tenets in mind, to both heighten and develop them in anyone who goes through any of our programmes.

In terms of delivery, we categorise our methods using the Gagnes 9 Events Lesson Framework:

Generate Interest:

Done through the exciting environment of music, and the possibilities of being able to play an instrument regardless of musical background

Aims and Objectives:

Learners are informed of the musical end-goal, with mention of qualities such as listening and collaborativre skills, and also a sense of commitment to a cause as being needed to achieve such goals

Prior Learning:

For some programmes, there will be learning and individual practice that is done both in-session as well as in the learner’s own time

Content Presentation:

There will be song demos by instructors, as well as masterclasses and workshops in some of the programmes to establish a measure of excellence to strive for

Provide Guidance:

There will be constant guidance throughout each of the programmes by highly qualified instructors to assist learners in their journey towards musical excellence


There will be practice both of the individual and group nature, where learners practice their written parts and come together to rehearse later


Instructors will be keenly observing and listening through the programmes, assisting learners by giving them specific, constructive and timely feedback and advice on their journey in navigating various musical landscapes and challenges

Performance Assessment:

Not only will there be documentation in the form of videos and audio recordings, but learners will discover how to self-assess and be critical, engaging in dialogues both with the instructors and one another to continually improve themselves

Retain and Apply:

A self-reflection document will be handed out at the end of sessions, on top of interactive discussions around the learning experience and qualities required to successfully play an instrument and function in a band; learners will think about how they overcame challenges through a sense of commitment, perseverance and collaboration, and have these skills be adapted to their everyday lives post-programme

The In-sync team bonding experience we had was amazing. They really successfully facilitated our team, with majority of us not having prior music training, to play in a band and sound good! It is definitely worth a shot for those who are looking to have their team bonding done in a pleasantly unique manner.

Reuben Seah, Partner, TAT AXA

Good stuff! Very nice and patient people. The songs were easy to learn, and since it was easy, it wasn’t stressful, therefore fun haha. Makes me want to play in a band ūüôā

Matthew Shin

My family and I were looking for something different to do on the weekends. We found In-sync and decided to give it a try. It was an amazing experience learning how to play instruments and even playing together as a band. Would definitely recommend this activity to my family and friends!

Chris Neo

I really had a great time learning “Thank You Next” by Ariana Grande. thank you In Sync SG for building my confidence with the bass and for the many laughs and memories along the way!

Joel Kim

Enjoyed our Let’s Jam Lah! session with In-sync. Highly recommended for anyone looking for leisure activity!

Rahil Rosli

Was having a short holiday in Singapore with my friends when we stumbled upon In-sync. We went for their band programme and had a lot of fun. Will go for it again on my next visit.

Mentari Ayi

Had my company team building event with Insyncsg last week and we had the most wonderful experience unleashing and discovering our lyrical and musical talents as one! Highly recommended for those looking for a brand new experience.

Lawrence Lim, General Manager, EIOS 99

A great learning experience at Insyncsg. Learning to play your favourite song has been made so much easier. An awesome way to spend the afternoon with your family and friends!

Webster Lim, MOE Educator

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