Music for Everyone

Music is one of the most beautiful things in life: it connects people, transcends language and cultural barriers, and can also serve as a placeholder for memories (I fondly remember when I first heard Blink 182 playing on the radio; looking out of the window, relaxing after a long primary school day in Singapore). We wanted to bring the joy of music to anyone and everyone, and so we came up with our ‘Let’s Jam Lah!’ programme: learn how to play your favourite songs and pick up an instrument for the first time using our systemised and easy to understand way of learning music!

‘Let’s Jam Lah!’ is a stress-free and fun-filled activity that enables you to play through a song of your choice in 60 minutes, all without any prior musical training!

Choose from trying out drums, keyboards, guitars, bass, or even vocals: we take you through the basics of each instrument as you learn a complete song using easy-to-understand systems and visual languages.

The song choice is completely up to you (choose from our varied repertoire, or request your favourite song!)

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  • Live out your Rockstar Dreams!

  • High Fun Factor!

  • Have a Bonding Time with Loved Ones

How It’s Done

There will be five primary instruments (guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and vocals), and specific instrumental parts for each that will be learnable regardless of musical background. There will be sectionals where you will be taught individually, consequently rehearsing in smaller units before coming together to play as a band at the end!

  • Five Primary Instruments to Choose From

  • No Musical Background Required

  • Constant Engagement for All Involved!

Engagement Level
Fun Factor

2 Pax

$50per pax
  • 60 minutes

3 Pax

$35per pax
  • 60 minutes

4 - 8 Pax

$25per pax
  • 60 minutes

Operating Hours: 9am – 9pm

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song samples:

Write a song in the comfort of your own home! Get together with loved ones using online video conferencing software and embark on a journey of learning how to be songwriters, penning a song from start to finish.

  • Duration: 1 hour

  • Feelings: Fun, Love and Laughter

  • Cost: $40 $25/pax

  • How: Sign up HERE!

Maximum capacity of 8 people in one session, with limited slots available from 9am to 9pm.

How It’s Done

We will require you to have a webcam, as well as download either Skype or Zoom. In the span of one hour, one of our highly skilled instructors will guide you through the process of writing a complete song. As melodies are brought in and questions asked around a theme, watch as your song develops and start taking shape!

  • No Musical Background Required

  • However, Webcam And Skype/Zoom Required!

  • Write Your Own Song!

Engagement Level
Fun Factor

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is any musical experience or background needed?

A. None whatsoever! We have designed systems and methods that ensure stress-free musical experiences.

Q. Do I need to bring anything?

A. No, just yourselves ūüôā

Q. How many people can I bring with me for a ‘Let’s Jam Lah!‘ session?

A. ‘Let’s Jam Lah’ can be catered for up to 8pax.

Q. Can I come by myself?

A. Yes you can! Simply head on over to our booking page, and select the 1pax option.

Q. How do I book a session?

A. Head on over to our booking page, and select the programme you’d like to book us for!

If you have any other queries, please get in touch with us here. We look forward to a musical experience with you!