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Successful companies start with an organisational culture where people enjoy coming to work, collaborate easily and have trust with each other. Our team building services immerse your teams in musical experiences designed to articulate your brand purpose, strengthen communication and bonding, and to create a deepened sense of connection to your company. Explore our music team-building and songwriting programmes to start developing teams that are dedicated towards delivering your brand, every time.

Song Creator

write a song, build a team.

Song Creator Samples

Create and record songs that will motivate and inspire your entire organization! And who better to write your company theme song with than your own employees?

This highly interactive and innovative team-building program focuses on building a customised song that will reflect powerful take-aways: what differentiates your organisation? What are your important goals or mission? What is the essence of your message and company culture?

Through the guidance and expertise of highly-experienced music facilitators, you and your team will be practicing active collaboration and fostering creative problem-solving skills as each person finds their voice as part of a songwriting team. Watch as collaboration becomes transparent and idea-sharing the modus operandi of your team of songwriters!

  • Stimulate Creativity and Innovation

  • Strategic Communication

  • Motivate and Re-energize your Team!

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How It’s Done

Before each event, we take time to learn about our clients – to understand more about your organisation, the intention and specific goals you have for your event.

Each programme begins with a musical and spoken introduction that sets the stage, provides context and warms everyone up. This is followed by vocal warm-ups and an innovative game of collective vocal improvisation, that will help get creative juices flowing and imbue a feeling of joy and openness in everyone.

After this introduction, the team will decide on a style for the song and discuss key messages and themes that they would like to include in the lyrics. They will then be split into smaller groups to work with a songwriter-facilitator  who is specialised in musical team building. As melodies are brought in, the conversation begins: what are the goals and challenges? What are the big themes, and small ideas?

These ideas become the basis of characterful verses and anthemic choruses; groups who have completed their sections will then be recording their various song parts in a professional recording environment by our studio engineer, and the completed song will be heard in full during a listening party at the end of the session.

  • No musical ability required!

  • A collaborative and creative team activity that gets results

  • Lots of interaction and laughter!

Engagement Level
Fun Factor


You and your team would have undergone a music team building program that combines participation, entertainment, music and lyrics to create a memorable theme song that communicates the best of who you are and what you do as an organisation. These musical masterpieces will be recorded and mixed to industry standards, and made available to you after the event. You and your team will have experienced creativity in a step-by-step process, enhancing individual and group abilities to innovate and problem-solve. Team members will walk away with a clearer sense of the importance their individual voice carries within the context of a team, and a fresh outlook on how to amplify the strengths of co-workers.

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Rock Out!

a music team-building activity with no prior instrumental knowledge required.

This is a stress-free and fun-filled activity that will enable you and your team to play through up to two complete songs by the end of the team bonding session!

With no prior musical knowledge required, this programme involves all the various instruments associated with a contemporary band, ranging from keyboards, drums, bass, guitar and even vocals. Collaborative and communicative skills will be heightened as you and your team work through playing each song successfully under the guidance of our experienced instructors.

All our instructors are highly-qualified and well-established as musicians and educators in the industry, and this coupled with our system of teaching is bound to bring forth the musical success of you and your team as you begin your journey as bonafide rockstars!

  • Enhance Team Chemistry and Camaraderie!

  • High Fun Factor!

  • Direct Connection with Teamwork and Results!

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How It’s Done

There will be five primary instruments (guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and vocals), and specific instrumental parts for each that will be learnable regardless of musical background. We have developed a sure-fire way of teaching music to any level of learner. There will be sectionals where you will be taught individually, consequently rehearsing in smaller units before coming together to play as a band at the end!

  • Five Primary Instruments to Choose From

  • No Musical Background Required

  • Constant Engagement for All Involved!

Engagement Level
Fun Factor


You and your team would have played up to two songs – functioning in perfect harmony from start to finish!  Levels of communication and teamwork will be increased and heightened after successfully playing as a band, and you and your team will have forged stronger bonds and gotten to know each other better outside of the work environment. A debrief will be held, reflecting on the day’s activities and highlighting important qualities such as clarity and agility in dealing with change management both in music as well as in daily life. Come and book your next team-building session with us now!

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The In-sync team bonding experience we had was amazing. They really successfully facilitated our team, with majority of us not having prior music training, to play in a band and sound good! It is definitely worth a shot for those who are looking to have their team bonding done in a pleasantly unique manner.

Reuben Seah, Partner, TAT AXA

Good stuff! Very nice and patient people. The songs were easy to learn, and since it was easy, it wasn’t stressful, therefore fun haha. Makes me want to play in a band 🙂

Matthew Shin

My family and I were looking for something different to do on the weekends. We found In-sync and decided to give it a try. It was an amazing experience learning how to play instruments and even playing together as a band. Would definitely recommend this activity to my family and friends!

Chris Neo

I really had a great time learning “Thank You Next” by Ariana Grande. thank you In Sync SG for building my confidence with the bass and for the many laughs and memories along the way!

Joel Kim

Enjoyed our Let’s Jam Lah! session with In-sync. Highly recommended for anyone looking for leisure activity!

Rahil Rosli

Was having a short holiday in Singapore with my friends when we stumbled upon In-sync. We went for their band programme and had a lot of fun. Will go for it again on my next visit.

Mentari Ayi

Had my company team building event with Insyncsg last week and we had the most wonderful experience unleashing and discovering our lyrical and musical talents as one! Highly recommended for those looking for a brand new experience.

Lawrence Lim, General Manager, EIOS 99

A great learning experience at Insyncsg. Learning to play your favourite song has been made so much easier. An awesome way to spend the afternoon with your family and friends!

Webster Lim, MOE Educator

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