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The Beautiful Art of Songwriting

By |2020-03-18T09:23:43+00:00March 18th, 2020|Latest Articles|

Songwriting is one of those things that just seem to be borne out of magic and stardust, with the greatest songwriters being lauded and embedded into popular culture. A songwriter gets to craft both lyric and melody, a process that can be wonderful and cathartic. The idea of songwriting itself can seem intimidating at times, especially to someone who has never done it before. However, like with many things in life, it can be broken down into smaller, bite-sized concepts that can each be tackled individually. Let us take a look at some different ways we could start writing a tune.

Why Team-building is an Important Investment to Make

By |2020-01-10T00:48:22+00:00January 8th, 2020|Latest Articles|

Corporate team-bonding activities are crucial towards establishing an organisational culture where people enjoy coming to work, collaborate easily and have trust in each other. Team-building is about understanding, appreciating and maximising the people in your team as you aim to achieve unified goals and objectives as a company. It will help your employees understand each other better, understand what diversity is and why it is important for them to work together. Read on for more reasons to organise a team-building activity for your team.

Top 5 Team Building Activities in Singapore

By |2020-01-17T04:42:28+00:00October 16th, 2019|Latest Articles|

The term ‘team-building’ has become sort of a buzzword in recent times, and rightly so. In terms of corporate development, team-building exercises are important not just for the immediate experience of the team, but also for the accompanying group skills, and heightened communication and bonding that result. These team-building activities are the means to an end: a high-impact learning experience that will empower individuals to contribute to common goals; taking employees out of the office and breaking down political and personal barriers in the process, eliminating distractions and enabling an environment for potential growth on a personal and group level. Let us take a look at 5 interesting company team building activities in Singapore!

5 Unique Fun Activities in Singapore

By |2020-01-17T04:42:24+00:00September 20th, 2019|Latest Articles|

In Singapore, historical shophouses and pre-war buildings blend in with modern architecture and skyscrapers - a visual testament to the fact that while being both cosmopolitan and urban, she is full of traditions that are preserved, upheld and co-existing with one another. Having a tropical climate also means there are plenty of both indoor and outdoor activities that you can indulge in all year round, so there’s no excuse to say that there’s nothing to do in Singapore! With that being said, let’s take a look a 5 unique fun activities that you could do on any given day or weekend!

17 Benefits of Music Education in Schools

By |2020-01-17T04:45:49+00:00May 15th, 2019|Latest Articles|

Most anyone enjoys music, be it through listening or playing an instrument. However, this almost universal interest has not stopped schools from avoiding putting resources into or even doing away with music education programmes. This worrying trend goes against research that has proven the benefits of learning music. In light of this, let us take a look at the 17 benefits of music education in schools.