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Insyncsg is a music vendor specialising in CONTEMPORARY MUSIC PROGRAMMES. We provide a PLATFORM that ensures music-playing and creation is EASY for anyone.

The founders have DECADES of collective industry and educational experience. Our programmes have been conceptualised and refined to bring the BEST LEARNING EXPERIENCE possible.

Built around MODERN INSTRUMENTATION ranging from electric guitar, drums, keyboards to vocals, these programmes VARY IN LENGTH and can be CUSTOMISED TO FIT your educational needs.

Our Founders




Khidir Rosli is a passionate musician who has been practising music since young. He has enjoyed playing, writing, and producing music for as long as he can remember. Not just a musician, Khidir is also vested in education, teaching music and sharing his passion to anyone interested regardless of their musical background.

Some of his industry experience include being a sound technician at RWS, a freelance performer, and as a music lead facilitator for a team building company, making him a versatile instructor for In Sync. Khidir also enjoyed a short stint as a music teacher and has been looking forward to contributing again in the area.

Khidir has been pursuing the art of arts management and possesses strong management and leadership qualities, making him the heart of the company.

Redwan Hamzah



Redwan Hamzah is a highly self-driven, knowledgeable and creative music practitioner with more than ten years of performing, writing, and teaching experience.

He holds a Diploma in Music Teaching (Level 6) from Rockschool and is AMIS-certified, with various experiences in leadership and teaching positions both from an academic and musical standpoint – previously being part of the academic team at Academy of Rock, teaching music privately and at primary and secondary schools, performing the role of musical director in groups he has played in, as well as being a lead facilitator for a team building company.

He is the guitar player for artistes such as Sezairi, Tim De Cotta, Din Ilango, Roze Kasmani and Helmizar; having played festivals such as ASEAN-IMF (India-Seher), Laneway, SingJazz, Baybeats, Earth Hour, Music Matters, Streetfest, Nightfest, ArtScience Late and Ignite! as well as having performed on live television broadcasts.

Redwan is passionate in both the learning, performing and creating aspects of the craft as well as in the sharing of knowledge to make a difference, tangible and intangible, in someone else’s life.

Ryann Othniel Seng



Ryann Othniel Seng works as a music recording and mixing engineer as well as a theatrical sound designer, producing for an art form he strongly believes in.

He currently holds a Diploma in Audio Engineering form SAE Institute and a Bachelor of Arts with Upper Second Class Honours in Audio Production from Middlesex University.

He has worked on multiple productions that have been featured in the Straits Times such as the Esplanade Commision Feed Your Imagination (F.Y.I), that was part of the National Arts Council Arts Education Programme (NAC-AEP), Verena Tay’s The Car, produced by Our Company, and was part of the team that brought CLOUD to Festival Tokyo in Japan.

He has developed and ran a successful music-based team building program, and constantly strives to create and support works that have individuals questioning their own lives and the world around them a little more.

With years of experience as a sound engineer and designer, Ryann has developed a want to train and nurture the next generation into having a passion for the technical arts and life.

Although married to his craft, Ryann also has dalliances with collecting guitar and other music paraphernalia.

Our Trainers


Music Producer

Auzaie Zie is a writer, co-writer and producer for artists and bands. He is a music arranger, sequencer and performer (DJ/keyboardist) for local acts: Disco Hue, brb., Jasmine Sokko, Sam Rui, Theodora.

He is also a video editor for Warner’s catalogue of recording artists for Youtube/Instagram: Anne-Marie, Jason Mraz, Why Don’t We, Alec Benjamin.

He DJs at Cherry Discotheque, spinning Hip-hop, R&B, Trap and EDM.

Both a practitioner and educator, he teaches keyboards in a music school to beginner and intermediate students of varying ages.


Reuel is a multi-instrumentalist and experienced music coach to both individuals and groups. Specialising in drums and percussion, he has performed in various band settings over the past 16 years, from Pop, Rock, Funk and Gospel to Orchestral and Samba Percussion.

He currently performs with the renowned Urban Drum Crew and helms the rhythm section in his oldies cover band, Aeonian.

As much as he is a skilled performer, his strength lies in guiding the complete beginner to do the same. He has been teaching professionally for the past 4 years and now spends most of his time as a private drum coach, awakening the love of music in both young and old.

Music Producer / Guitarist

Inspired by the likes of greats such as Albert King, Eric Clapton and Eric Johnson, Hasyir Ibrahim picked up the guitar at the age of 12. The calming, dulcet tone of his voice perfectly fuses with his honest, easy listening songwriting. Hasyir comfortably holds it down as a singer-songwriter, penning soulful tunes that distinguish themselves with the vibrancy of his rhythmic guitar licks and gut-wrenching melodies. The fusion of blues, ambient and acoustic folk, glues together a mesmerising performance across the stage, and puts a brand-new shine on modern indie music.

On top of that, Hasyir is knowledgeable and experienced content creator cum audio engineer with several years of experience doing small and large free lance jobs. Skilled in producing video/musical content for social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Dedicated to ensuring consumers of his content are pleased with the finished work.

In 2020, Swee Lee and BandLab Technologies sent Hasyir to Winter NAMM 2020 to cover the ground for the latest and greatest gear and tech in the music industry. 

Hasyir is a go-to music gear nerd for his family and friends who are looking to purchase music related gear. Extensive knowledge on the latest and trending gear in the music industry. Bringing forth a positive work ethic and the ability to work both independently and collaboratively.


Deborah is a versatile singer with a husky voice that is not easily forgotten. Since she started performing 5 years ago, she has built up a wide repertoire ranging from English Top 40’s, Pop, Rock, Jazz to English Classics and Oldies, and in recent years has also ventured into MandoPop.

Her performing journey began with Pop/Rock outfit ‘Victoria Street’ whom she recorded an EP with, and soon after joined her school’s Jazz Band.

She was selected to be a part of Esplanade’s Mosaic Jazz Fellows Programme (formerly known as Bright Young Things) in 2012, under some of Singapore’s finest mentors such as Melissa Tham, Joshua Wan, Soh Wen Ming and Tony Makarome.

Music Producer/Multi-instrumentalist

Raphael is a multi-instrumentalist and corporate trainer specialising in conducting and creating memorable experiences and situations where company employees learn more about their co-workers, and the art of how collaboration breeds success.

With 4 years of music production experience, he has learnt the art and science behind creating tension and release not only in music, but also in cultivating an atmosphere that guarantees a fun, engaging and involved process of corporate training.

Besides handling corporate training, Raphael also teaches the fundamentals of various instruments to adult learners who have a desire, but not enough time to commit to learning their instrument. In his own words, “As long as you have a desire to play an instrument, I will guarantee you can play it within 45 minutes with me.”

With his fun, energetic and engaging personality, he personifies the term “Edu-tainment”, where education and entertainment come together.

The In-sync team bonding experience we had was amazing. They really successfully facilitated our team, with majority of us not having prior music training, to play in a band and sound good! It is definitely worth a shot for those who are looking to have their team bonding done in a pleasantly unique manner.

Reuben Seah, Partner, TAT AXA

Good stuff! Very nice and patient people. The songs were easy to learn, and since it was easy, it wasn’t stressful, therefore fun haha. Makes me want to play in a band 🙂

Matthew Shin

My family and I were looking for something different to do on the weekends. We found In-sync and decided to give it a try. It was an amazing experience learning how to play instruments and even playing together as a band. Would definitely recommend this activity to my family and friends!

Chris Neo

I really had a great time learning “Thank You Next” by Ariana Grande. thank you In Sync SG for building my confidence with the bass and for the many laughs and memories along the way!

Joel Kim

Enjoyed our Let’s Jam Lah! session with In-sync. Highly recommended for anyone looking for leisure activity!

Rahil Rosli

Was having a short holiday in Singapore with my friends when we stumbled upon In-sync. We went for their band programme and had a lot of fun. Will go for it again on my next visit.

Mentari Ayi

Had my company team building event with Insyncsg last week and we had the most wonderful experience unleashing and discovering our lyrical and musical talents as one! Highly recommended for those looking for a brand new experience.

Lawrence Lim, General Manager, EIOS 99

A great learning experience at Insyncsg. Learning to play your favourite song has been made so much easier. An awesome way to spend the afternoon with your family and friends!

Webster Lim, MOE Educator

Attended Insyncsg’s songwriting session last weekend and really enjoyed it. Highly recommended for someone who like to experience writing a song in 1

Alicia Nadine Khoman

A really insightful lesson especially during this mundane of a routine this couple of weeks. Will definitely recommend to everyone! Thanks, Insyncsg!

Shafie Muhd

I signed up for Insyncsg’s e-song writing lesson and I would say it was very engaging and fun! The guided step by step lesson made it easy to create a
song by combining everyone’s piece! Very pleased with the end result! Did not even realise time was up and that’s a sign of how great the session was!

Harish Grewal

Had a wonderful experience at Insyncsg! Highly recommended for people who wants to learn something new and also enjoy themselves in the process.

Lam Li Wei

I had my first online lesson on songwriting. It was fun! The completed song is not bad at all hehe. I look forward to more interesting online lessons to my
liking. Good Job Reuel!!

Arnorzeeha Ahmad

An inspiring, thought-provoking, rejuvenating, and well planned online E-songwriting class that is sure worth your while! Great tempo and fantastic engagement level!☺ It is well catered to both the musically inclined, and those without any background in music!

A definite must-try & uplifting experience in this Stay Home period with
professionals who are dedicated and passionate about both Education & Music.
Looking forward to more online & live sessions!

Most importantly, they have a team of talented musicians who genuinely cares
for education and the music industry. Here’s a special shoutout to Khidir Rosli
who’s very thoughtful and helpful a professional! Super quick, creative and
efficient in both his work and in communication!

Stella Yap

My mum, husband and sisters had so much fun learning to play and perform a song as a band. I was amazed that we sounded so good although most of us have no music background! Ryann, Dale, Reuel and Khider made us feel so at ease, created a fun atmosphere and were so personable, we really enjoyed the experience. I will certainly be back for another session when our children are home for a visit. And thank you for the surprise where we could play and sign Happy Birthday at the end for my sis!


A great team of young people with passion to music and social responsibilities to “spread joy, hope and positivity”, just as they said.

No experience? no worries. The professional team will guide you
to undergo the whole music learning journey, comprising simple sight reading, song arrangement and even a memorable band rehearsal!
All of these happen literally in one hour, that you could then pick up an instrument and rock & roll!

My 8-year old daughter loved it! she’s nagging for the drum set ever since the event! It’s a great activity to build your self estimation on music sense, grow the confidence and strengthen personal networks, if you’re into it.
The vocal girl we met in the session, wah, she has such an unique singing voice! And the bass player, the cool guitar girl, the key board master, you guys rock!

Thanks for the opportunity to bring everyone together to make this “Leyna and her trouble makers” landed!

Music no frontier.
Music no boundaries.
Just simply enjoy it. Let’s Jam Lah!

Varina J

I attended the Insync gives back session. The Instructors were really friendly and they were very good at making sure everyone understood their parts!!! I didn’t expect 5 new strangers to be able to learn and perform a song without any experience in 1.5 hrs but we did! I’d definitely recommend insync to anyone who wants to start playing music but doesn’t know how or where to start 🙂

Nevin Rajen

Enjoy my experience! Never thought I could compose a song and play music without any music background. Had fun and interactive sessions. Highly recommended!

Gary Lim

I did a short songwriting course and it was wonderful!!! Highly recommended for anyone out there who wish to learn about songwriting. The Insync-ers were professional and shown me the process from the beginning to the end. It was stress-free and I had so much fun during the song production. Four thumbs up!!

Ina Fransiska

If you’re ever interested in music production even without any background like me, this is a great place to start!
learned a lot, I practically started from 0 to making a full song in 12 weeks!

Mark Francis De Guzman

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